Havin been on the Costa Blancas for many years and contributed to thousand of buyers and sellers to make the deal of a liftime, we have learned the property market and pricing factors to perfections. A majority of our listing are sold within the first term of contract and not far from the listing price. This unlike the case of many others show that what we list, we list based on a great knowledge which is of great importance for a buyer, giving you the tranquility and guarantee that as a buyer with Pardisi I The Real Estate Agency you are making an investment of highest possible quality. Our agents are highly skilled to make sure that the best possible deal is sealed to leave both parties with great satisfaction.


We, together with a wide range of skilled professionals within the different parts of the process, including solicitors and lawyers make sure that you, as a buyer and investor are being carried through the entire purchase with the highest level of observance and overlook. With us, no deals are signed on your behalf without all the documents being run through to make sure that the property of interest is free of charges and depts by the time of the notary appointment.

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