Step 1. Property Valuation

Our agent will assess the state of your property and any improvements you have made and then value it according to the going market rate of your area and type of property. The valuation is particularly important as if you have a buyer who will purchase via a mortgage provider, they will not value your property higher than is realistic.

Step 2. Gathering necessary documents

Before taking on any misión on your behalf, we ask you for a list of documents necessary for marketing your property. This serves to make sure that we have the correct information the day we start to offer the property to our clients, and also to inform you about any possible missing paperwork that will delay or prevent your sell.

These documents include:

  • Copy of the title deeds
  • Copy of the SUMA/IBI (Property Tax) bill
  • Copy of a water & electricity bill
  • Copy of a community charge bill
  • Copy of IDs (Passport or/and NIE)
  • License of Habitation ( Cédula de habitalidad)
  • Energy Certificate

Step 3: Sign an agency agreement

Upon choosing PARDISI you can count on a professional team, which will work hard for you seven days a week to market your property via our web-site, all major and necessary property portals of Spain, Scandinavia and some other european countries, as well as our extensive client network. We will sit down with you and discuss what services you need us to provide to you in detail and base don that draw up an agreement highlighting the conditions and fees.

Step 4. Clean & prepare

The more presentable a property the higher the price it will fetch. As Spain's market is maturing buyers have become more discerned. Therefore make sure you have your property professionally cleaned inside out, after checking for any required maintenance (including plumbing and A/C) and repair work have it painted - properly. Even in an area of high demand a property, which looks like it hasn't been looked after, will take more time to sell or you will be forced to reduce the asking price. If you have a garden call a gardener if needed, make sure the greenery is green – not burnt. This means during the summer months investing in someone watering your garden regularly whilst the property stands empty. If you have tenants, you have to take into account that the buyer will have to take them over until the end of their tenancy contract. Inform your tenant of your possible sale and cooperate with them on the viewing of the property.

Step 5: Market the property

Too often you find properties advertised where image and the individual property don't match. We will put together an honest description of your property highlighting its selling points and include photos showing it in its best light. Of course you can market your own property on any given portal, but we can do the job properly for you, offering a more integrated marketing package, and we make sure you get the price you want!

Step 6: Accompanied Viewings

Our agents take potential buyers around your property at a time that suits them. Meaning we're available during evenings and weekends as well, when most have time. We don't just send anyone but an agent with in-depth knowledge on your property; prospective buyers are less likely to deal with and agency, which looks like they have no idea what they are talking about. A professional knowledgeable attitude, including of the market in general and regulations instills trust and is crucial for making a sale. And before taking them to your property for a viewing, we have studied the specific needs of the client to make sure that your property is suitable to their needs. If necessary we also provide them with hotel accomodation and trip planning to make sure that their viewing trip is optimized for the purpose.

Step 7: Receiving an offer

Keeping your minimum requirements in mind we will try and get you the best offer. However, if we feel that the property will move slowly i.e. in an area of low demand/oversupply we may suggest you to be flexible with asking price, depending on whether you can afford to keep the property and whether we believe it could still gain value over the short-term.

Step 8: Agreeing to Sell

Once you've agreed to an offer we will initiate the sales process, including the vetting of the prospective buyer. We will discuss how the property will be paid for and agree on a handover date. We may ask for a deposit to secure the property.

Step 9: Signing of agreement

Once the agreement is drafted, reviewed and accepted by both sides, it will be signed and the sales proceeds will be deposited in our trust account to be handed over to you as they keys get handed over.

Step 10: Conveyancing & Transfer of Ownership Title

Our conveyancing team or collaborating law firm will make sure that the title deed of your property is transferred to the buyer and properly registered with the land registry.

Rekommendationer Bostadsägare

" "fick min bostad såld efter endast 10 dagar!! Fick dessutom begärt pris! Pardisi's professional bilder och marknadsföringen gjorde skillnaden." "

Jean Paton - La Siesta

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