Buyers Guide


1: Investment or home?

In order for us to advise you on the best suitable property on the market according to your needs, wishes and requirements, it is necessary and vital for us to know exactly what you are looking for. Whether a private vacational, part time or permanent residence or a pure investment opportunity, we can assist you in finding the right property and guarantee the best long-term appreciation and ROI on buy to let properties.

2: Make sure how much you can afford to spend

Buyers aren't always necessarily quite sure how much they can actually afford unless they're paying cash. A mortgage is the most common supplement. Make sure to do your homework first and get quotes from mortgage providers, based on the amount of your income, before getting excited about a property, which you may not qualify for. This could take you several weeks to find the best deal in the market. And ofcourse, we would gladely assist with providing a budget plan.

3: Be aware of fees and service charges

Keep in mind that buying a property does not end with the purchase and its related fees, such as title deed registration, transfer fees and the taxes that are applied on the purchase price. Confirm with your property consultant the latest applicable official fees as well as those charged by us as your agent. They can represent a substantial yearly amount and should be calculated into what you can afford and what return on investment you expect from your property. Some of these legal and official fees at the moment are:

Stamp Duties
Legal Fees
Noterie Fees

4: Mortgage approval

If you have been shopping around for a mortgage make sure to get a pre-mortgage approval on the amount you can spend, if not it can severely delay the buying process and you may lose the property you want. We could present you with reliable banks for a mortgage study and approval.

5: Keep a list of your preferences

Now it is time to find that dream property, do make a list of what this entails in order of priority, as not all properties will tick all the boxes. As with everything you may have to make some compromises. Visit different areas in Dubai, check the surroundings, if possible speak to current residents and make a list of the preferred ones. When visiting a property take note of facilities and the physical state of the property, if you feel it is one you want to go for take some photos and create a snag list, you are entitled to a fault free property or ask for a reduction in price if you want to take care of them yourself. The best bet is to have the property professionally valued, whether a mortgage is involved or not.

6: Have all your paperwork ready

Signed buyer agreement
Power of attorney

7: Make sure you get the best deal

Property deals can fall through because the seller and buyer have different price expectations. We will do our up most to present you properties with realistic prices. However, it is advisable to do your own research to be able to gauge quickly whether the asking price is in line with the market, which could help with convincing the seller of a property, similar in location and physical state to those around him, to adjust his asking price. We will of course be with you every step of the way. Now you're ready to make an offer on the property you want, tell our consultant what you are willing to pay and he will negotiate on your behalf with the seller.

8: Seller accepts offer, Deposit

If the seller accepts your offer you will be asked to put down a deposit normally in case of resale properties, 10% of the purchase price and/or a mínimum of 8.000 €. For new built properties this can vary from 3.000 € to 6.000 €. , which needs to be held in an Escrow account with your agency. Under no circumstances should the money be given to the seller as the deal could fall through. Make sure you get a receipt and before committing your finances in order to make the payments on the transfer date agreed. You will need to submit a copy of your passport and any other documents needed (mortgage etc.) Your agent will take care of the paperwork for you to initiate the buying process.

9: Sales & Purchase Agreement

For the final steps to be started, you need to read the Purchase Agreement in detail before signing. Make sure to clarify and ask for changes to be made if needed, should there be anything you feel uncomfortable with. After signature, a date is set in accordance to your and the sellers convienience for the notary. In normal cases this date expands up to three month from the date of the Sales / Purchase Agreement.

10: Solicitor and Preparations

With the down payment carried out and the Purchase Agreement signed, all the documents prepared, including the Sales & Purchase Agreements are handed over to a solicitor of your choice. We will recommend you one or several of our prefered firms who will be yout representatives in the remaining process which includes all the necessary preparations before the notary. The solicitor will be your legal representative that make sure that the property you purchase is, or will be free of any debts or charges. They will also be in charge of opening a bank account on your behalf and if necessary apply for NIE (Identification number Immigrants).

11: Title Registration

A notary date is set, all according to the wish of you as a buyer and the seller(s). The buyer and seller (and banks if mortgaged) will attend and sign in front of DLD representative to transfer the ownership. Upon completion of the transfer process, the buyer will receive the title deed in their name and the seller will receive a manager's cheque for the property.

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